Play Online Roulette in Internet Based Casinos – Earn More

Play Online Roulette and Have Fun

Online Roulette is the internet version of land based version of the game. Most people find playing online roulette to be more exciting and pleasurable than the conventional way of playing the same game played in the land-based casinos. Internet version of this traditional game is run on specialized softwares to give the players an uninterrupted experience of the game.

Advantages to Play Online Roulette

1.Web version of the game include many advantages:
2.You can play the game from the convenience of your home.
3.You don’t need to travel long distances to brick and mortar casino
4.Wide array of lucrative bonuses are available
5.You can play free games to master it
6.payout percentage as offered in most sites remain relatively high

Playing online – Rules and Probability

Basic rules of this game are same as the conventional ones. In fact, popularity of the game Roulette was done by the well known mathematician of France, Blaise Pascal. He introduced as well as advised new strategies and tips to play the game. You may consider these winning tips to play the internet version of this game and win millions of dollars. Strategic predictions done by Pascal, while playing the game, were based upon the statistical probability. If you are a statistics buff with inclination towards probability then you can use this skill to your own advantage for formulating new and advanced forms of strategies to win internet roulette.

Which one to select – American or European

Online roulette can be played in both European as well as American style. The table consists of 37 to 38 pockets, based on the style you are playing. Online gamblers like to play the European version as it contains one pocket less than the American one. The main reason of the popularity of European version of online roulette is that it contains 37 pockets rather than 38, as in American version. Less pocket increases the chances or odds of winning this popular choice of game present online.

Play Online Roulette – Basic Guidelines

Playing online roulette is easy and can be played from your home computer. The basic guidelines to play online roulette is given below:

1.Placement of Chip: The number in the roulette wheel on which you want to place your bet needs to be clicked by your mouse.

2.Spinning the Wheel: Wheel can be rotated by clicking the icon of the wheel.

3.Stopping Rotating Wheel: Click the rotating wheel icon to stop rotation.

Additional Information to Play Online

There are certain things you need to know to play online. Some of them are given below:

Buy In: In this game, a player needs to buy special chips of roulette in accordance with the table you are playing in. Every player gets chips of different colors. You can cash these special chips when your play gets over.

Bet Limit:There is a limit for every table for betting – minimum and maximum bet. Minimum of the table cannot be fulfilled adding inside as well a the outside table. For example, if the minimum amount of bet for an online game table is USD 5 then you have to bet USD 5, both for inside as well as outside table.

Addiction is Not All About Drugs and Alcohol

“Being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming (especially alcohol or narcotic drugs)”

The above is a dictionary definition of addiction. Although tolerance to, and physical dependence upon a substance, is not the medical definition of addiction. Which is:

“an addiction is a chronic neurobiologic disorder that has genetic, psychosocial, and environmental dimensions and is characterized by one of the following: the continued use of a substance despite its detrimental effects, impaired control over the use of a drug (compulsive behavior), and preoccupation with a drug’s use for non-therapeutic purposes (i.e. craving the drug).” (source – Wikipedia)

Addiction is very often associated with anti social behaviour, as the addict often needs to steal to fund his or her particular addiction. In fact addiction is now one of the most costly problems for the United States, especially in view of the fact that addiction is progressive, and will continue to get worse unless, and until, suitable treatment is sought and undertaken. Even having made the decision to quit, many addicts fall by the wayside and take many attempts before eventual success.

Furthermore once addicted, even if successful in coming off a substance, an addict is still addicted, and many require help for many years if not for life. Most of us are aware of the alcoholics introduction at their meetings. “Hi, I’m (name), and I’m an alcoholic”.

It’s a massive problem, and it is now being recognised that it is not just the physical dependence upon a substance, but the psychological dependence, which is probably the more important. The mind is an amazingly powerful thing. If your mind tells you that you need a certain thing to function then that’s what will happen. You will move heaven and earth to get hold of that thing, if you have to beg, borrow, steal, and lie to do so.

Anyone can get addicted to an incredible variety of things. We automatically think of drugs and alcohol when we think of addiction. And it’s true that alcohol and drugs are probably the most commonly abused substances.

However, it can just as easily be shopping, gambling, sex, food, internet, even work. Every one of these addictions can be equally as destructive to an addict and their family. They are just as pre-occupied with getting their next “fix” to the oblivion of everything else around them. Fatal consequences are unfortunately not uncommon.

Any form of addiction is an outward manifestation that someone is is in deep trouble and requires prompt treatment. Addiction is a terrible, debilitating condition, but the good news is that it is treatable. There are many places to get help, of course the addict must in the first instance want that help. That is the first stage toward recovery.

Treatment for addiction takes many forms, and will depend upon the nature of the addiction, and the person themselves. It can involve therapy, medication, self-help groups, or a combination of all these. The most important thing is to recognise the symptoms early, and seek treatment at the first opportunity.

Tips on Gambling

Tips on gambling
Gambling is very serious business. It also tends to be very addictive. Most people tend to lose their senses when gambling. Here are some tips to be a successful gambler and to have control over oneself when gambling.

Tips for a new gambler:

1. Be well-versed with game you are playing:

Do not start playing until you are sure of how to play the game. One tip is to send and watch others playing and to start playing when you are confident as to how to play the game.

2. Gamble only the amount of money you can lose:

Do not go to the casino if you are in dire need of money. Gamble only when you are assured of your financial situation.

3. Have control and spend only half of the money you are willing to spend at the casino:

Suppose if you have $50 then spend only $25.this way you can give yourself a second chance another day.

4. Do not get greedy:

If you lose all the money you have on the same day, then you are greedy.

5. Do not let your emotions overtake you:

If you have a good win on a particular day, do not get over emotional or elated and do not play with too much money the next time or the same day. Next time you might not win like the previous session and you might even be a loser.

Tips for a new gambler:

6. Go on increasing betting money steadily:

Start gambling with minimum money. Increasing the betting amount steadily and as you start winning. Put no limits on the winning money.

7. Always have target of minimal profit:

Set your winning target a little low. If you have a higher target for the money you want to make, you tend to lose what you have won earlier and you may not reach you target and hence become frustrated and disappointed.

8. Your approach to the gambling game should be realistic:

Do not expect to win every time you gamble. Sometimes you might face only losses.

Some general tips:

o Do not spend your winnings:

Keep the money you win as savings and try to spend the principle amount only. This will avoid any distress at the end of the game.

o Know how to put a stop at the right time:

Even if you are winning, do not go on with the game. Try to put a stop to the game at the right time. Looking at more and more wins will result only in loss at the end of the game. So feel satisfied at what you have won and come play another day.

o Try to limit gambling to a minimum:

Try and avoid gambling daily. Have a fixed schedule and have the discipline not to go on other days which are not in your schedule. This way you will not be burdened too much.

o Know the games which give you the most wins:

Before you start to gamble, get an idea of the games which have given more wins in the past. Play these games more frequently than others.

Slot machines are rated as the best gambling game by many people and these tend give lots of wins.

Thus above are some of the best gambling tips and following these tips will ensure successful gambling to some extent.

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